Recipe 55: Vegetable Chili and Recipe 56: Homemade Mashed Potatoes

June 22, 2011

“I’m only seeing the movie if Will Smith is in it.”

The most amazing thing about the Apple company is not its products, its the random types of people that it brings together. I experienced this collaboration in a major way when I worked there. The types of unique people that I was exposed to, the types of people that became my friends, the types of things that I realized about myself by being their friend are astounding. No other place I will ever work again will match these people.

Erkel is one of these friends. His real name is Eric, but I call him Erkel because I love nicknames. They help me connect to people.

Erkel once came up to me and said:

Hello Mallori Jeaaaaan.

To which I replied:

How the crap do you know my middle name.

To which he replied:

I know everyone’s middle name here.

Its true. Erkel once took a roster of the store that I worked at, a roster of more than 100 names, and memorized all of our middle names. Maybe just to be irritating. Unclear. Regardless of any irritation, I miss people like Erkel now that I don’t work there. So I invited Erkel and my other friend Timmy over for dinner.

Erkel’s a vegetarian, so he prepared the menu and brought the food. The vegetarian chili was a series of vegetables, spices: an onion, a jalepeno, garlic, chili powder, kidney beans, black beans. It wasn’t too hard to make because we mostly just had to cut everything and open cans.

The mashed potato recipe we used involved potatoes, garlic, and a whole lot of heavy whipping cream. Like. A lot. Like. I’m lucky to be alive after eating as many potatoes as I did.

We planned our evening while we cooked our meal and drank our Schlafly Weissbier (which in Timmy and Erkel’s opinion is the second best Schlafly brew of all time).

Me: Want to see Super 8?

Erkel: What is that?

Me: I don’t know. Its an alien movie.

Erkel: Is Will Smith in it?

Me: Uhm.

Timmy: YES. He’s just hiding. In the alien costume.

Me: Right. He’s the alien in the movie, but you won’t recognize him.

Erkel: Good. I’m only seeing it if Will Smith is in it.

We ate our meals so we could get to the movie. I ate a lot and my lips turned dark red because the chili was much hotter than a wimp like me can handle but it tasted to good to deny. And the potatoes? Holy mother of pearl. I don’t even have time to tell you how good they were.

We finished our meal and saw the alien movie, but not before hearing Erkel quote the same independence day lines at least 10 times: Welcome to ERF! I gotta get me one of these!

A great night with missed friends and lies about alien movie casting.

On to the next one.


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