Recipe 52: Shloppy Joe (a shlop a shloppy joe)

June 11, 2011

Source: Mother Dearest

How many ingredients does it take to constitute as a recipe?

This is the question that came to my head last wednesday and one that has been there many times before. I was browning the meat for the sloppy joe dinner I was preparing for my family.

Sloppy joes were a Benz family staple when keeping up with the schedules of four girls did not allow my mother much time to prepare for dinner. It takes four ingredients and about 10 minutes. Meat, ketchup, Worscestershire sauce and onions.

I asked my nephew about his adventure to the zoo that day as I browned the meat.

Me: Cale, what animals did you and Gaga (his grandma, my mom) see at the zoo today?

Cale: We did NOT see lions.

I guess Cale was feeling a bit glass half empty after one of his favorite animals chose to hide out the day he went to the zoo. Talk about bitter. And I guess I was feeling a bit glass half empty that day too, because four ingredients was too much for me. The prospect of cutting the onions seemed to daunting that day, so mom approved that I could go with out.

It tasted like home. And the recipe counts. It because my mother is a darn good cook and she made it. It counts because a family with four daughters is chaotic and wonderful and requires the occasional sloppy joe.


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