Recipe 51: Grilled Salmon with Lime Butter Sauce

June 8, 2011


Listening to: Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr. (album: It’s a Corporate World)

I have a tendency to constantly come up with autobiography names for myself. It’s become a go to joke for me, which is usually only amusing to me. “It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time”, an autobiography by Mallori Benz. “I Don’t Know, Is There Bacon In It?”, an autobiography by Mallori Benz. “Then I Realized I Was In Public”, an autobiography by Mallori Benz.

If I had to choose an autobiography title today, it would be: “Things To Not Say To A Complete Stranger”.

My friends Mary and Lanzy and I planned a dinner together this evening. I picked salmon as the main course, and stopped by to pick some up after work.

When I was leaving the grocery store, a random old lady decided we were friends. It was one of those “I like you, but you crazy” situations. I have no idea what prompted her to start talking to me as we walked through the doors with our carts, and I have no idea what prompted me to respond to her inappropriately.

Lady: I gotta make sure there’s none of those damn bugs (cicadas) in my hair before I walk outside!

Me: Yea, totally.

Lady: I guess that’s what happens when your hair is as dirty as mine.

Me: Yea, totally. (Accidental rude statement 1.)

Then she taught me a lot about cicadas that I didn’t want to know.

Lady: The cicadas keep getting in my car! I can’t hear my music over their buzzing. That’s what happens when you’re as old as I am.

Me: Yea, totally. (Accidental rude statement 2.)

Lady: I’m so ready to get out of this weather. It’s not even summer yet! I’m glad to be going to Alaska this month with my husband.

Me: Oh wow. That sounds wonderful!

Lady: Yea, except for the fact it’s freezing!

Me: Ok, Bye!

This actually happened. I went home feeling a bit overwhelmed by my previous conversation. Lanzy came carrying fresh kale from her garden and the ingredients for a soy sauce based dressing. Mary brought over some mashed potatoes.

The salmon glaze was very simple to make with my food processor. I slathered it all over the salmon filets with my hands. It took me five minutes to wash the butter off myself after. I topped it with some more pepper, and they sat in my George Foreman grill for about five minutes. Then, they were just right. I topped them with a lemon zest and we ate up.

It was quite a delicious meal. I think it’s hard to lose with salmon. But it felt good to handle fish for the first time. In the words for Shania Twain, the greatest singer/songwriter of all time, “man, I feel like a woman”.

On to the next one.







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