A return to the kitchen.

June 8, 2011

100 meals in 100 days.

This was the initial goal in my initial post. And now my days are in the seventies and my recipes are in the fifties.

So what happened to me these last three weeks? Projects at work, friends in from out of town, family dinners and celebrations, my nephew misusing adverbs (“I want to go very faster to the sky”), my other nephew learning to crawl, a wedding of two of my dearest friends and all associated festivities, attacks from killer cicadas, runs, walks, conversations, candy eating, puppies, sandwiches. Life happened. There’s not much I can do about that, nor would I want to.

This is not the end of the blog. Far from it. My goal is to finish the next fifty recipes in about fifty days. But I’m not disappointed in myself, and I won’t be if I fall behind again. I’m learning how to cook. In however many days, I am. And that’s the point.

Good evening kitchen, it’s good to be back.

On to the next one.



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