Recipe 48, 49, and 50: Dog Treats

May 16, 2011

Source: (will post links as soon as stef gives them to me)

Last Thursday night was all for the dogs.

Stef has a puppy, as you probably know if you have seen any of the many pictures of the beagle puppy or read any post regarding Daphne, which is the puppy’s name.

Daphne is currently in training mode. Stef is teaching her all sorts of tricks, which requires a lot of treats. So naturally, we decided to count it as a recipe and make some ourselves.

I love that my niece-dog is so talented so young. Its a pleasure to watch her twirl and sit and lie down and kind of play dead.

And then there’s Kaia.

Kaia is three and a half. She’s an alaskan malamute, and she’s not intelligent. Or maybe she is. I don’t know. Let me describe some of her habits.

1. When I want to go running with her, she runs to the basement and makes her body dead weight the second she sees my running shoes. And I have to lift all 100 lbs of her off the floor.

2. In her life she has eaten more things that dog shouldn’t eat than any other dog I know. I’m not going to go into them, because animal control might think me a bad mother. I don’t give these things to her, she just FINDS them. Wherever they are. Its like when she walks into a room she asks herself: What dangerous thing in this room can I eat to make my mother a nervous wreck and then not even let it phase me? Bitch.

3. When I am not home, it requires a gate in front of another gate to keep her in the basement, because she managed to find her way through gate one. Last week, the gate in front of the other gate fell to the floor, requiring her to simply climb over it to get out. Well, the gate made a loud noise, so Kaia was naturally afraid of it. So afraid, in fact, that she stood at the top of the stairs for a good half an hour, staring at her own freedom, before my sister could lure her out. Half an hour. I got text updates at work. Proud mother moment. Not.

I only mention these things because Stef’s sudden training urge has made me want Kaia to… know more. So these treats were for her too. Or, dare I say, us. I won’t have her shown up by a 3 month old. I won’t.

Dog treats are no harder to make then cookies. We made banana, pumpkin and veggie treats all within two hours, and we have enough cookies now to last us months. The whole situation was also made better by the set of 100 or so cookie cutters Stef got at Target. Winner winner, dog treat dinner.

Hopefully using these treats, Kaia and Daphne will actually know what it means to twirl. As for now, we have to manually move the treat in are hands and force the twirl. Which we think counts.

Ladies and gents, please note, I’m halfway to 100.

On to the next one.











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