Recipe 46: Pasta with Peas, Asparagus and Butter Lettuce

May 11, 2011


For mothers day, we visited my grandmothers in Carbondale, Illinois. My grandmothers could choose wherever they wanted to go for lunch, the sky was the limit. For lunch, we ate at a truck stop. And for dinner we ate at Applebees. Dream big grandmas, dream big.

Because we did mothers day in Illinois, we celebrated our mother on Saturday. My mother likes pasta. She likes it so much that when my dad leaves town, she will literally make enough pasta to suffice for lunches and dinners until he returns.

So naturally, on her day of celebration, I wanted to make her pasta. I found a nice springy recipe to coincide with my Dad’s smoke pork steaks (uh…yum).

There were so many vegetables in this recipe, and it was written to be done in a specific sequence. Boil the asparagus, sautée the green onions, take out the asparagus and boil the pasta, cut up the lettuce, blah, blah, blah. It was a really involved recipe, but one that was truly satisfactory when it was done.

The family ate outside on a gorgeous Saturday night. We ate our dinner, and my mom really enjoyed the pasta. She told me many times. We ate our dinner and moved on to brownies for dessert. My two year old nephew, mouth full of brownie and hands and face covered in it, stuck his feet up on the table and lounged in the spring breeze. It was a great meal for a great lady.

And she is. In my weakest moments, my moments of greatest stupidity, my strange antics and the chaos I sometimes bring, she has never ceased to be love in my life. Her motherhood is epic. Hopefully someday I can make her a meal that’s fit for her.

On to the next one.









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