Pasta 47: Asian Cole Slaw

May 11, 2011

Source: Aunt Diane

I agreed to go to dinner with my parents on the condition that I MUST cook a recipe. I’m getting behind again after finally catching up. We shall overcome.

After playing with my nephew outside, discovering the baby birds in the front yard and feeding Popsicles to the puppies, I realized that I needed to get in the kitchen.

This recipe is incredibly easy, so I didn’t look at the recipe closely. Which led to the following:

Me: How many sunflower seeds do I need?

Mom: Did you look at the recipe?

Me: Oh.

Mom: That might help.

Me: What kind of oil am I supposed to use?

Mom: Look at the recipe.

Me: Ok. Yes.

Two minute later.

Me: White vinegar?

Stef: LOOK AT THE RECIPE. Seriously.

Me: yes. Great idea.

Mom: did you put the flavoring in the dressing?

Me: (frantically looking at the recipe)

Mom: I’m going outside.

Regardless of my my lack of attention, the slaw was perfect, and so was the weather and the family time.

Lessons learned:

1. Do I have to say it?

2. Time to catch up on my recipes.

On to the next one.








3 Responses to “Pasta 47: Asian Cole Slaw”

  1. K. Atkinson Says:

    So many comments about the above pictures. Love the one of the pup, popsicle and Cale. And your dog looks like she has no arms. I’ll stop there.

  2. Erin Says:

    LOVE. Especially the Cale and Kaia photos. Don’t love how hungry your blog makes me…:)

  3. Brandi Says:

    Love the photo of Cale on the porch and the popsicle one-too cute!

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