Recipe 44: Black Bean and Corn Salsa and Recipe 45: Guacamole

May 7, 2011


At this point of the evening, the dogs were on the fritz.

It was Cinco de Mayo and my friends were coming for a festive dinner of sorts. My friend Lauren brought over her babe of a dog named Riley. And Riley was invited, mind you. But Kaia growled at her when she walked in the door, and that just led to a bad first impression. So after that there was a lot of growling and snapping and overall bitchiness. Because they’re bitches.

I only mention this to preface the fact that Lauren became the dog whisperer for the evening, and while my friend Sarah and I made the dips for the tortilla chips, Lauren was literally sprawled out on the kitchen floor between the two, trying to convince them that they liked each other.

The dips were generally easy to make. The corn salsa was especially easy because it really just involved mixed together canned and bagged vegetables and some olive oil and spices. Very simple.

There was a lot of pressure on the Guacamole. Dana, who was coming over post dinner, had left me a five word voicemail that said the following:

This guacamole better be good.

Chills up my spine, I knew the pressure was on. I didn’t know how to work with avocado, but luckily Sarah did, so she was in charge of cutting it up. And she did a lot of the cutting (I want to put credit where credit is due). And we realized we share an inability to cut tomatoes. We have no idea how to do it. So we winged it.

I mushed it all together and had Lauren and Sarah taste test before Dana came. I don’t like guacamole, so if I were to have tasted it I would have said: this is disgusting because all guacamole is disgusting.

When she arrived, Dana approved too. (whew!) And we sat and ate chips and drank margaritas and chatted for a long while. By the end of it, Kaia and Riley were real buds and Kaia wallowed in self pity when Riley left. Kaia is a professional wallower.

A great homemade cinco!

Lessons learned:

1. Gotta learn how to cut tomato!

On to the next one.






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