Recipe 43: Chicken Enchiladas

May 7, 2011

Source: Marilee Kay

Listening to: Joao Gilberto

It was Cinco de Mayo, and because one debilitating Spanish meal wasn’t enough that day, my friends were coming over to help me cook another.

I wanted to have the enchiladas done by the time eight rolled around so they could be in the oven, ready to rumble. And they were done. But when my friend Sarah showed up first, I had a confession to make.

Sarah: Those look good!

Me: Sarah, it’s pretty much just all cheese. There’s just so much cheese.

Sarah: I love cheese!

Me: Ok. But. This is just. So much cheese.

How much cheese? Four cups of cheese. Two blocks of cheese. I was mixing it together and thinking over and over in my head: this can’t be right, this can’t be right, this can’t be right.

And then I tried making the sauce that was supposed to go on top, and it did NOT taste like enchilada sauce. So. I added more cheese on top.

Luckily, Sarah and Lauren, who showed up a bit after I stuck the enchiladas in the oven, are very good sports. And they said they liked them. And trust me, they were good. But my digestive tract, two days later, would beg to differ.

On to the next one.




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