Recipe 38: Gooey Butter Cake

April 28, 2011

Source: Mrs. Tara Kothoff

While the girls filled me in on all the work nonsense that I have missed out on, I ventured on in cooking. I told Tara that I would cover this dish so that she could rest because she’s preggers. In fact, every time Tara tried to do something that involved body movement last night, Mary and I would yell: NO! DONT DO THAT YOURE PREGNANT which came out more like NODONTDOTHATYOUREPREGNANT! And she hated it which made it more fun. We kid because we love.

The recipe for the dessert was much healthier than the death trap we called dinner. This one had butter, cream cheese, powered sugar, eggs… Fine. I lied.

This cake is done in two layers, the bottom layer was just eggs, butter, vanilla and egg mix. I used my moms electric hand mixer to mix these. My need for the mixer was exemplified by Tara’s first comment when she walked into the kitchen:

PLEASE tell me you still have your moms mixer.

Oh I do. Indefinitely. (Sorry mom!)

I pat this layer down in the pan and moved on to the next. It had more butter. Imagine that! I’m writing this now in a Starbucks and making the most disgusted face as I try to add the amount of butter used in last nights meal. I’m gonna stop thinking about it now.

The second layer was simply poured on top of the previous layer. We stuck it in the oven while we ate our mac and cheese and chatted the night away. When it was done, I rolled myself over to the oven, already stuffed. After we let it sit for about ten minutes, we divulged. Oh man. If you knew how much I loved gooey cake right now, you would understand the drooling happening right now as I think about it. If you didn’t, like the others in this Starbucks, you would prolly just think I had rabies.

Anyway, thanks ladies for good eats and a great night. And for refusing to bring the leftovers to work and making me do it, giving me excuse to see people.

On to the next one.








One Response to “Recipe 38: Gooey Butter Cake”

  1. Tara Says:

    And still going at the chips and salsa.

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