Recipe 37: Mama K’s Mac and Cheese

April 28, 2011

Source: Mrs. Tara Kothoff

Guest chefs: Tara and Mary

“I was going to go to the gym, but I decided to come eat incredibly unhealthy food with you and Tara instead.”

Tara texted me a couple weeks ago with three simple words: mac and cheese. We’d been trying to coordinate a night to cook since she planted the idea in my head, and we were finally able to get together night. This was good because I really wanted mac and cheese. This was also good because I really miss my friends from my old job.

Interesting side note: I always kind of want mac and cheese. But When I eat it, which is often, my entire face itches from forehead to the roof of my mouth. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic. I’m also pretty sure I don’t care. Anyway I have an epi-pen subscription from a run in with dungeness crab, so I’m good.

This mac and cheese recipe had been the topic of many discussions between Tara and I for maybe years. I knew it was going to be lethal. And as I bought heavy whipping cream, two blocks of cheese, butter and spices, I also knew I would NOT be going for a run that night or feeling well for that matter.

Mary came over in her gym shorts as we were lathering a skillet with butter and mixing the heavy swiping cream together. The more we cooked, the more our dread/excitement grew. I didn’t have cooking spray. So we used butter all over the cooking tray. I think if I had to write a theme of last night it would be: butter.

The pitiful thing was we didn’t even wait for the mac and cheese before we started eating. Tara made the mistake of brining chips and salsa. We ate this while we cooked. We ate them while it was in the oven. For forty five minutes.

I finally removed it from the oven and exclaimed: OH DEAR LORD.

It was covered in a layer of butter. A layer of butter so thick that it took Mary and Tara half a roll of paper towels to soak it up. By the time it made it to our plates, we were so full of chips and so fully grossed out my the layer of butter. I think it took about five minutes of us staring at our daunting plates before taking a bite.

And then we did.

And then we cried out of happiness for the rich tastes in our mouths.

Then we died of corroded arteries and heart attacks.

Lessons learned:

1. Tara pointed out last night that I didn’t look at the recipe closely enough before starting, and then pointed out that I claim this is a lesson learned quite often but never actually learn.

2. Mary also brought up that one of my initial challenges was that all recipes had to involve recipes, and that I have utterly and completely failed this mission. Tara put it well when she described the blog as: baked good, baked good, pasta dish, baked good. Maybe next time. Maybe not.

On to the next one.








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