Recipe 35: Deviled Eggs

April 26, 2011

Source: Mama Benz

Let me tell you a story about a young woman who couldn’t peel hardboiled eggs.

I watched my mom peel the first one. She smacked it on the counter and stuck her nail under the shell and the membrane (EW! Membrane!). She effortlessly peeled the remaining shell off.

My eggs, on the other hand, were less like hardboiled eggs by the end and more like the surface of the moon. I couldn’t really tell where the membrane (EW! Membraaaane!) ended and the egg began. So my nails cut millions of craters in every egg I touched. Mom tried to encourage me: they just do that sometimes. Funny mom. I must have gotten all of the eggs in the box it happens to, and you must have gotten all the ones that don’t.

The next step was cutting the eggs in half and taking out the yoke. Or in my case, launching the yokes all over the counter.

Mom: Cooking with Mal, always an adventure.

Me: I feel like you were having a lot more fun with me yesterday. Are you getting sick of being in the kitchen with me?


The eggs were mixed with a half cup of mayo and a tablespoon of pickle juice. We kept adding mayo and pickle juice until it was the right taste and consistency. We filled each of our empty shells with the mixture and topped it with paprika. Holler.

On to the next one.





One Response to “Recipe 35: Deviled Eggs”

  1. Bacon Maven Says:

    Have you tried using a spoon under running cold water to get the shell off? It works for me every morning.

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