Recipe 33: Passover Seder: Roasted Potatoes

April 26, 2011


Another typical Jewish side is the roasted potato. Note all the roasted elements in the Seder. Things are traditionally supposed to be roasted. Not boiled. Not fried. Roasted.

We had so much roasting going on that I had to write out a schedule for cooking times the day before. We have two ovens, but we needed seventeen. My older sister looked at it the next day and said: this doesn’t even make sense. How did anything get cooked?

She was right. My notes looked like I was in drugs when I did them. I’m including a picture to prove this. But somehow everything got cooked.

The potatoes were very easy. I cut them into one inch pieces, and the it was time to cut the onion.

Mom: Do you need me to cut the onion?

Me: No, onions don’t really bother me.

Three minutes later…

Me: Oh my gosh my eyes are literally on fire! Fire onion eyes! I CAN’T SEE!

Mom: [no response]

When the tears were done flowing from my eyes we finished up with the olive oil and spices. It was really nice because despite the fact we didn’t have a lot of ovens because we had prepped so much the day before and early in the day, we were able to get everything finished in time for the feast.

Lessons learned:

1. Onions > Mal.

On to the next one.





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