Recipe 28: Passover Seder: A Roasted Egg

April 25, 2011


Passover Seder Entries Disclaimer: My family celebrates Easter, but this year my mother and I decided to study the Passover tradition and have a Seder. The Jewish traditions are undeniably ancient, interesting, respectable and beautiful. We made a total of eight Passover dishes, most of which having special meaning to the tradition. I will be sharing what each of these means in the ceremonial feast along with sharing my normal ramblings. I just wanted to make it clear that I don’t take the Passover Seder tradition lightly. I don’t want to take away from it’s sanctity at all. I also do not claim to be a Passover expert. Despite my research, if I have misspoken in any regard, do not hesitate to correct me.

Roasted Egg: Beitzah: Traditionally representative of the mourning of the Israelites under the reign of the Israelites, but has also come to represent perpetual life.

The Seder plate itself, which my family partook of before the feast, consists of six components. The first of these is the most simplistic: a roasted egg.

The roasted egg is placed in the oven for 20 minutes, but before this happens, you have to prick two holes. In an egg. Holes. In an egg. Without breaking it.

This did not work for dad and me when we tried it with toothpicks. Here’s what worked: dad sterilized a needle and we used a can opener to hammer the needle into the egg. And that did work because my father is a genius.

The eggs sweated in the oven, which is really just cute if you think about it.

Egg one: Oooo! Its so hot in heeeeere!
Egg two: Ahh! A talking egg!

We peeled them when they were done. And they weren’t really done at all. So we nuked them in the microwave until they were edible and served they as the Beitzah.

On to the next one.





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