Recipe 23: Rather Red Curry

April 16, 2011


Listening to: Adele (album: 21)

Dana came over to cook Tuesday. She’s a dear friend. She’s also a vegan. Not to say that these things contradict one another or cannot coexist. And not that she’s annoying about being a vegan. She’s a great vegan. She makes her decision and will tell you why (and her reasons are nothing short of noble). But she doesn’t force her opinions upon you or judge you as you finish your quesadilla.

I do admire my vegan friends quite a bit. Heck, I may be one someday. But as for now, this is the conversation I have with my subconscious every time I consider becoming a vegan:

Me: Hello inner vegan.

Inner Vegan: Greetings earthling.

Me: What do you eat?

Inner Vegan: Vegan food.

Me: Yea. I know. But what do… You know… Eat?

Inner Vegan: Veggies, fruits, nuts, hummus, natural foods…

Me: Yea okay. But when you get like really hungry, what do you put in your mouth?

Inner Vegan: Food that’s good for your body.

Me: OH! Like salmon?

Inner Vegan: [exasperated] Mother of pearl.

It turns into a pretty circular conversation. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get through the conversation without suggesting some sort of meat.

On Tuesday, veganism became a more a attainable goal. We made curry. I’ve never made or eaten curry before, but it sounded like a good idea.

I bought so much produce I felt like I was gloating as I rung out at the grocery store. When I brought it home, Dana and I were hungry and ready to rumble (or at least quiet our rumbling tummies).

We cut up cucumbers, celery, onions, garlic, peppers and broccoli. We cut up tomatoes in the place of canned diced tomatoes because I have this new thing where I like to rebel against the recipe at least once. We added the veggies, curry powder and tomato puree to a pot and cooked it for a bit. We added vegetable broth and some dry white wine.

It wasn’t hard, but it took a while to get everything cut up and cooked. I made a side salad and put some balsamic, olive oil and garlic on top. It had nothing to so with curry, but it was good nonetheless.

The curry was AMAZING. We were incredibly pleased with ourselves as we fed our inner vegans. This is a recipe I will surely make again, whether I become a vegan or not. Yummy vegan food and great conversation make for one fine evening.

Lessons learned:

1. I need to work on my tomato dicing.

2. White wine might just make everything better.

On to the next one.

(I’ll add pics this afternoon!)


One Response to “Recipe 23: Rather Red Curry”

  1. Tara Says:

    Sounds like it would be delicious… if you topped it with cheese 😉

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