Recipe 19: Homemade Lasagne with Italian Sausage

April 6, 2011

Source: Brandi’s Recipe Book (I will post the recipe as soon as I get it)

Guest chef: Brandi

Listening to: chaos

“Stef’s giving Cale a bath, Addison hates Daphne, and Mal just burnt her hand on the sauce pan.”

My mother called to check in while we were cooking at my sisters last night and this was the report she had to give. In the background, Cale was yelling from the bathroom. Addison (neurotic chihuahua) and Daphne (beagle puppy) were barking at each other (one out of joy and one out of spite). I was yelling something to the effect of: “burning hot lava sauce pan!” Just another Benz family dinner. We don’t know what quiet dinner means, and I like it that way.

Brandi makes stellar lasagne, and last night she taught me. Note that I am spelling lasagne with an e intentionally, as that is how the recipe spelled it. Brandi is an incredibly patient teacher. It’s her big sister instinct I guess, so she calmly walked me through making the sauce.

Brandi: you have to peel the skin off the sausages.

Stef: yum. Intestines.

Me: this is why I don’t try new things.

But I peeled it. I don’t want to talk about it, but I did it. I added the tomato paste, diced tomatoes, sausage and basil in a large pot. I got sauce everywhere. I launched sauce. Some of the places I got sauce onto defied all logic. Brandi stayed patient.

Meanwhile the noodles boiled. After the sauce was simmering, I made the cheese mixture, which is a crap load of cheese and then some eggs. I got egg all over the recipe book. I might as well have cracked the egg on the book. Brandi, trying to stay positive as I destructed her kitchen, said cooking with me is an adventure.

Then we layered, which looked a lot like a game of around the world from elementary school as the ingredients for the layers were all in different parts of the room. I should have thought that through a bit more.

I did the dishes while it cooked. I’m convinced that I’ve done more dishes since this project started than I have in my entire life before it. It’s semi-therapeutic, and semi the worst ever. I’m allergic to a lot of dish soaps, so my hands have been rashing like crazy. While I was cleaning
last night I lifted a burner to clean some of the sauce out from under it and came to the following conclusion verbally:

I should not lift a burner that was just on. Lesson learned.

To which Brandi replied:

Dear God, help us all.

Even the most patient people have thresholds, and I have a tendency of overcoming them.

Lessons learned:

1. Sausage is not a very greasy meat when browned. All you have to do is dab with a paper towel when you’re done.

2. Think about where you set ingredients.

On to the next one.











2 Responses to “Recipe 19: Homemade Lasagne with Italian Sausage”

  1. Brandi Says:

    I am seriously laughing out loud reading this post! Had fun cooking with you, love you.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Wow, reading the paper already. Those kids really do grow up fast!

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