Recipe 18: Magic Cookie Bars

April 5, 2011

“I love condensed milk. I eat condensed milk plain sometimes.”

I listened to Lisa say this with a look of horror on my face. But I didn’t deserve to give her that look because I didn’t know what condensed milk was until after she said that. I guess I just imagined a huge, thick, congealed chunk of… Milk. And that’s gross.

Condensed milk came up after dinner. We finished our nice dinner outside and decided we were in dire need of dessert, but we weren’t hungry and we didn’t know what to make. So Lisa grabbed every dessert like ingredient from the pantry and laid it on the counter.

“There must be something we can make out of something in this.”

I asked Mary, Lisa’s mother, what she thought we should and she asked if we had condensed milk. We did. Much to our delighted surprise the condensed milk can had a magical recipe on the back.

They’re called magic cookie bars, but the recipe doesn’t call for pot. Instead you put a thin layer of melted butter on the bottom of a pan and cover this with a layer of crushed Graham Cracker. You then add nuts, coconut and chocolate chips on top. Twenty minutes in the oven later you have a very delicious, very unnecessary post dinner drug free treat that you I’ll eat way too much of.

We sat and ate. We didn’t wait for them to cool which is a shame because they need to harden and we weren’t at all hungry anyway. But my goodness. I’m getting hungry just writing about them now.

As for the condensed milk, I don’t think I’ll find myself popping open a can and throwing one back any time soon. But if I ever find myself in a room with a can that’s already open and I need a light treat, I may take a chug. Yup. I said chug condensed milk. Grossed out? Deal with it.

Lessons learned:

1. Mary has a convection oven that they got when they remodeled. I asked what it is good for. She said: I haven’t figured that out yet. She said it may be it’s ability to distribute heat evenly. This isn’t really a lesson learned.











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