Recipe 17: Chicken, bean and blue cheese pasta Saldana with Sun Dried Tomato Vinagrette

April 5, 2011

Source: Fresh Food Fast

Listening to: the heavy pre storm wind blowing through the Browns kitchen

I go to a grocery store that has freezers that light up as you walk past them. It’s as if the food is saying: “Choose me! I look so good! I’ll be good to your tummy! Put me in your mouth because I am lighted up for you!” The store has an entire gourmet cheese section with free samples. They have live music sometimes and an upstairs for cooking classes. It’s an uppity grocery store.

But last night they were out of basil.

Like out of it. No basil.

My friend Lisa and I started dinner very late. It was 9. We were hungry. And there was no basil. When we google searched basil substitutes google said: “You can’t substitute one spice for another. They’re all different for a reason.” Screw you too, Google.

We went with the dry basil that Lisa had at home. We mostly used ingredients from her mothers kitchen. This has been a typical part of my life, eating Mary Brown’s food. I started making myself salami sandwiches in that kitchen as far back as the fifth grade. Get me in a kitchen and I guess I lose all respect for other people’s belongings. I have no filter. It goes right to my mouth. Sorry Mary. Someday I’ll reimburse you. Ok. I might not. But I do appreciate you. And your are one of my favorite cooks.

This recipe was from a book called fresh meals fast, and it was. While the pasta boiled and chicken grilled, I made the vinaigrette. I love balsamic vinegar. Why don’t I marry it? I tried. It didn’t hold up in court. Adding it to olive oil is so beautiful. I feel like a professional as I watch they form around each other. In this mixture we also added some spices: basil, red onion, sundried tomatoes. We mixed that with some green beans and added it to pasta with sliced up chicken. So good.

It also helped that STL hit 80 degrees yesterday, and spring weather came at last yesterday evening. We sat outside and ate our meals and drank our sweet wine. Stellar meal with a stellar lady.

Lessons learned:

1. I should buy some balsamic.

On to the next one.











One Response to “Recipe 17: Chicken, bean and blue cheese pasta Saldana with Sun Dried Tomato Vinagrette”

  1. Sean Coder Says:

    Ooh, I spy a Mal photo. Chopping the onion with the food chopper?

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