Recipe 7: Shrimp Scampi

March 28, 2011


Guest Chef: Daddy

Listening to: My sisters puppy and my nephew barking

I have a prescription for an epi-pen.

I got it the last time I ate shell fish because the last time I ate shell fish I had to go to the hospital because I’m allergic to some shell fish. Dungeness crab to be exact. My face and tongue swelled and before I knew it I couldn’t breath and my arm and leg were shaking uncontrollably in a hospital bed.

So as I write I am waiting to see if I will have an allergic reaction to the dinner we just cooked. I’ve eaten shell fish before, and I will again. But the doctor did warn me that I’m allergic to certain kinds of shell fish, he doesn’t know really what though. And my head itches. But I’m pretty sure thats my hypochondria, not my allergies.

Dad: I really hope you don’t have an allergic reaction.

Dad has always wanted to make shrimp scampi. Before we started cooking and even when we finished I’m wasn’t really sure what shrimp scampi is. I’m still not. But I do know its good.

I got to my parents and Dad was washing off the shrimp in the sync. Yes. I did just write sync. Apparently I’ve been spending too much time at work which is in a computer store. We peppered and salted the shrimp for some seasoning.

I melted a lot of butter in a pan and flipped the shrimp from a plate into the pan. But not before dropping a lot of shrimp on the floor because I didn’t know what my Dad meant by flip the plate.

Me: Dad, you have to let me know most of the work. Its one of the rules.

Dad: That’s fine. Flip this plate of shrimp into the pan.

Me: Ok. Got it. [shrimp flying in the kitchen]

Dad: No. That’s not what I meant.

Me: Yea, ok, you can do the first batch.

But he let me do the second, and I nailed it. We cooked both sides of the shrimp in the butter, adding minced garlic along the way. Then used the left over garlic and butter mixture to add to our lemon juice, white wine, parsley and lemon zest mix. This was to be the sauce over the shrimp.

My sister, who is a girl who can cook, made some pasta with some red pepper flakes, olive oil and two other things I can’t remember and won’t tell you because I’m too lazy to go downstairs and ask her.

We served the shrimp over the pasta with some parmesan cheese. So good ya’ll and very easy to make. Especially if you have a Dad who buys the shrimp for you.

Lessons Learned:

1. Next time we will add the parmesan while it is still cooking so as to melt it better.

2. Is my face itchy?

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On to the next one.


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