Recipe 6: Banana’s Foster

March 28, 2011


Guest Chefs: Lanzy and Michael Sihilling

Listening To: Paul Simon (Album: Graceland)

Oh thank God I am not responsible for the fish.

I got a text from Lanzy early in the day that dinner was a go. Her father, Michael, who is an absolute delight from California, agreed to spend one of his nights in town cooking with us. They asked me what I thought about fish. I told them I loved fish. Which is true. But I really didn’t want to touch it. I never have had to touch fish. My Dad always took them off the hook for me. Fish are gross until they’re in my mouth. I don’t want to touch the fish.

I arrived that night and the fish was already in the oven, covered with salt, pepper, some other spices and some flour. The kale and spinach were wilting in a pot over the stove. And I, relieved, became responsible for dessert.

Dinner was delicious. After Michael wilted the kale and spinach, he sauteed them with shallots and garlic. We had sprouts on the side with a olive oil based dressing. He’s such a good cook ya’ll. Maybe its a California thing.

Two glasses of wine later, it was time to cook some dessert with purple lips. Note that my lips were still purple the next day at work, which was pointed out to me by my friend who I share really passionate hugs with. When we hug each other we like to make it really awkward for other people. We grab each others shirts and breath in really deep and make it last a really long time. What is the remedy for purple lips anyway? Sometimes I brush my lips with my toothbrush. It doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll start soaking them in bleach.

Which brings me back to where I was, bananas foster. Which took five minutes. Cut the bananas. Add the brown sugar, rum, vanilla and cinnamon to a a pan. Wait until these ingredients start to bubble. Add the bananas and wait until the bananas are hot. Add ice cream.

I need a catch phrase to add at the end of these things when things go well. I’m open to suggestions. For today I will say: Chittipow.

Lessons learned:

1. Turbo is a type of fish.

2. Shallots are good to use for the following reasons: They reduce well, they caramelize well, and they go well with garlic.

3. Californians are classy as hell. And so are their daughters.

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On to the next one.


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